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In short: Simple, automatic and reliable backup of cloud data of your Microsoft365 users. Many companies offer their employees HomeOffice workstations, which are often based on Microsoft365. However, these companies are often unaware that the data stored, for example, in the mailbox, on the OneDrive or SharePoint, as well as contacts and calendar entries, are not protected against loss or modification. In this case, just as with a normal client/server structure, it is essential to create a backup of the required data that is worth preserving, in order to be protected „just in case“. Logata offers its customers a managed service on this subject, without restrictions on the maximum amount of data backed up. Your Microsoft365 data receives a professional back-up in a German data center at a low monthly price per user. We have also extended the product for a possible self-management by the customer (on request). -> Consultation and testing is always welcome! Please contact us

Peter Tiemann
Peter TiemannGeschäftsführer / Vertrieb
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