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As entrepreneurs, they operate a wide variety of systems to map their processes, to enable professional communication with their customers and suppliers, and to be able to map modern operating requirements. These systems run in their own server rooms, on rented virtual servers in data centers, or as pure service in the cloud. Now the requirement is to be informed at all times about the operating status of the systems and the applications running on them, so that measures can be taken quickly if something goes wrong or problems arise. Logata offers its customers monitoring systems, which are either installed as a customer-owned solution or provided as a managed service (MSP). It is also possible to add different service levels to the MSP product. This relieves them of the need to quickly find a good solution in case of an upcoming malfunction. When we take over the management of your systems, you will receive a regular report about all key points of your system landscape. Interested? We would be happy to set up a work store to determine the optimal solution for your company.

Peter Tiemann
Peter TiemannManaging Director / Sales
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