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In the past, telephone systems were installed in every company at great expense and connected to a telephone provider (usually Deutsche Telekom) via separate telephone lines. The systems were expensive and not very flexible. Now, after the nationwide abolition of the former basis ISDN, many systems have been developed which have replaced the old structures and can often be used via normal internet connections. We at Logata, offer IP-based telephony solutions for small, medium and large companies from our data center, close to the manufacturer. These services start with a free provision of SIP trunk channels on our broadband fiber optic connections (ELEMENTS Connect) and go on to the most modern Hosted PBX solutions for companies with up to 25 users, up to corporate solutions with thousands of users. Integration of MS Teams (Office 365) is a matter of course. We would be happy to provide you with a trial version to find out more about the services. An individual consultation will of course precede.

Peter Tiemann
Peter TiemannGeschäftsführer / Vertrieb
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