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Every company has its own requirements for the storage of its company data. If one company prefers to keep its data completely within the company, the other company will build on the advantages of cloud solutions. Combinations of the two extremes are more typical:

A) private cloud – a storage of company data in an encapsulated area of the Logata data center, which is connected to the company directly (via dedicated fiber optic connection) or via secure private data connections (e.g. VPN).
B) Public Cloud – more and more innovative young entrepreneurs are looking for the required solutions and applications from the public cloud and receive from us systematics that enable them to process, transfer and store company data appropriately in these external environments (MSP, DDP solutions)
C) HybridCloud – how often does the truth lie in the middle. Most companies rely on a mixture of the cloud variants. Although entrepreneurs safely store their business-critical data in their own server room or in private cloud areas, they rely on Microsoft365 solutions in the client area, for example, to provide their employees everywhere (e.g. in the home office) with a good basis for their activities. Some of the applications used for business purposes come from the cloud and are integrated into the company structures.

Logata offers its customers solutions and space in the data center to provide exactly the desired requirements individually, securely and optimized. Contact us, we will find an optimal solution together.

Peter Tiemann
Peter TiemannManaging Director / Sales
Tobias Wist
Tobias WistData center management

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