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Dynamic Data Protection – Data Loss (Leak) Prevention – Cloud Security Gateway

Among other things, companies enable their employees to work from their home office or offer customers and suppliers access to data from the company. Do they actually know HOW, WHAT data leaves your company and who can access it? Do they have a way to control this without limiting the benefits and productivity of a modern company? In this area, we offer you extensive manufacturer-related support in the project planning and introduction of such systems. Starting with the monitoring and control that no data leaves your company unintentionally, unattended (DLP), over a modern holistic approach to the integration of several topics from this area (DDP), up to the MSP variant from our company, based on a Cloud Security Platform (CSG). Interest aroused? -> talk to us, we will be happy to advise you.

Peter Tiemann
Peter TiemannManaging Director / Sales
Michael Honsel
Michael HonselHead of Network



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