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The Logata provides fiber optic and fiber optic connections of various types. Glass links are already much safer in their nature than copper links in general. However, there are regular requirements to encrypt data on fiber optic lines because it cannot be guaranteed that access can be gained on the line or because the data to be transmitted is highly sensitive information. Think here, for example, of personal data in the hospital environment or of networks between the data centers of banks or state institutions. These routes often involve higher bandwidths, which the encryption systems have to cope with without compromising the quality of the connection. 10 GBit/s in the secure 256-bit AES algorithm and in near real-time are more the standard. These Layer2 encryption systems reach expansion levels of up to several times 100Gbit/s on one fiber pair! If you are confronted with these high-end requirements, please contact us.

Peter Tiemann
Peter TiemannGeschäftsführer / Vertrieb

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