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Backups – not necessary? No – essential for survival! There is nothing wrong with your company data – at least nothing has ever happened before. So the subject of backup can quickly fade into the background. But panic arises at the first data loss at the latest. For your company, the data backups made up to that point are now vital for survival. Data backups ensure that data can be restored in the event of data loss. A backup strategy should combine data security with maximum availability and productivity. The “3-2-1 rule” provides orientation. Recovery is what really counts. Many copies are one thing, but restoring your data is much more important. This is crucial to get the business running again as quickly as possible and to keep the damage as small as possible. To do this, we use the latest technologies, for example to quickly restore individual elements and files or even complete databases.

Michael Honsel
Michael HonselHead of Network

Data backup

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