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The backup of company data – an important point in every corporate strategy – is undisputed. Also a data archive for not frequently used data, which must however still be regularly accessed or which must be kept for GDPDU reasons, is positioned by many companies in their environments. We as Logata would be pleased to advise you on the selection and implementation of these systems in your IT environments. What is new, however, is that companies do not necessarily have to acquire these systems themselves. Logata delivers these systems to its customers as a service from its MSP (MangedSeviceProvider) portfolio. The customer only pays a small amount of money per user/system and for the data volume per month. Cloud solutions such as Microsoft365 data are also professionally stored in a backup system. Here too, a good selection and implementation starts with individual professional advice.

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Peter TiemannGeschäftsführer / Vertrieb
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Michael HonselHead of Network

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