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Data Backup / Anti-Ransom Ware ExtensionsavaProfessional backup of critical and business-critical data is a MUST for every law firm, practice or company, regardless of size. Especially now, in times of ransomware and attacks with encryption technologies, the availability of good encapsulated backups is crucial for a fast recovery in case of a data problem, no matter what the reason for the problem was. Logata, as a backup specialist, offers you almost any kind of backup system. From simple BackUp Office365 user data to extensive 3-2-1 BackUp strategies with data center outsourcing according to DIN regulations. Here we have the right solution for almost every requirement. Test us, we will be happy to develop an optimal solution for your requirements and operational needs in a workshop. On the subject of anti-Ransom goods, we will gladly provide you with a test version.

Peter Tiemann
Peter TiemannManaging Director / Sales
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