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A demand-oriented and future-oriented broadband supply represents an increasingly important location factor. Not only broadband and highly available access to the Internet is important here, but also individual options such as connecting production facilities or sites. Nothing works without the Internet. In order for “much goes”, for data to be sent / received quickly even on a large scale, and for constant availability to be guaranteed, an optimal connection to the network of networks or to a data center is required above all. All this you get at Logata professional, cheap and good. Regional and national company networks: For quite some time we have been supplying our customers with professional VPN/MPLS networks worldwide. A special strength is the realization and support of premium VPN routes or MPLS direct connections from and to China! It does not always have to be supraregional. In the southern district of Borken, we offer direct fiber optic networking of company locations with the highest bandwidths, without roaming the Internet. Direct and point to point.

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