Project Description

A professional system house such as Logata offers our customers multi-layered support/service for their IT and EDP structures.

Based on SLAs and other contractual agreements, these services and support are offered proactively. This means that we take a controlled look at our customers’ systems on request and eliminate any service requests or malfunctions immediately when necessary and not only when “the tree is on fire”. The aim is to be able to provide the proactively monitored services during the period of use without any disruptions.

The customer receives a regular report on the work performed in order to be kept informed.

This is in contrast to the defined reactive service, which is commissioned by the customer on a case-by-case basis. The customer receives fixed response times, service teams and, if desired, defined fault clearance times after receipt of a call.

Peter Tiemann
Peter TiemannManaging Director / Sales

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