Project Description

A firewall is a matter of course for every company today. The basic protection of the company at the gateway is thus secured, should the system in use be up-to-date and fully operational.

Over the past few years, however, the demands on gateway protection have increased dramatically. In addition to new threats, topics such as the integration of various protection mechanisms into the firewall, as well as the networking of firewall systems around the world, have become meaningful. Since a failure of the firewall technology at the gateway of the company is no longer tolerable, Logata offers this system as a highly secure firewall cluster consisting of two or more redundant components or virtual instances.

Logata advises close to the manufacturer, delivers such firewall systems of the “next generation” (NGFW) to its customers and is happy to update existing systems to the latest standard. Logata’s specialists are also there for our customers during regular operation and monitor and maintain customer owned or leased “Next Generation Firewall (NGFW)” systems from our NOC.

Michael Honsel
Michael HonselHead of Network

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