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Logata Digital Solutions is an autonomous provider; a status that gives our customers qualitative advantages in all Internet services, including maximum availability even in case of backbone failures and the expansion of backbone resources for guaranteed bandwidths of the connection lines. Broadband connections to the backbone networks of well-known German carriers form the basis. In addition, Logata is an independent peering partner in the German backbone network (with its membership in the RIPE, the use of the BGP4 routing protocol and the operation of the peering points) and thus not only has a performance and fail-safe network, but also complete carrier independence! What do you get out of it? Very simple: Logata controls independently, over which way the data goes from and to your internet services. In case of failures of individual backbone connections or peering or backbone failures of individual carriers, an alternative peering path is automatically selected (with “ELEMENTS Connect plus” products). Since this is not only valid for outgoing traffic but also for incoming traffic compared to usual backup constructs, the autonomy represents a significantly higher-value backbone service with maximum availability. Only from us, only for you!

Peter Tiemann
Peter TiemannGeschäftsführer / Vertrieb
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