Logata Digital Solutions is the IT division of the LB GmbH Group from Bocholt.

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Founded in 1997, the company is one of the leading system houses in the field of digitalization and the Internet of Things. It is sustainably engaged in solutions in the areas of IT, automation and logistics. The renaming of the company to Logata Digital Solutions GmbH in 2015 underscores its strategic orientation towards Industry 4.0 and the digital transformation that comes with it. As a system integrator and managed service provider, we offer comprehensive services with a future and business-oriented solution portfolio. In the Bocholt and Borken branches Logata Digital Solutions employs over 100 qualified employees. Equipped with 2 million capital stock, Logata Digital Solutions has successfully assumed the role of general contractor in projects for years. In addition, Logata Digital Solutions has its own data centers and a specialized department offers professional IT and application support up to 24/7. Our customers include both medium-sized companies and large corporations.

The philosophy of Logata

We – the team of Logata Digital Solutions GmbH – have positioned ourselves in the market as a competent provider of IT services with a special focus on the challenging topics of “Industry 4.0” (the networking and digitalization of machines and processes). Our focus is always on proactively implementing the constantly changing and growing requirements of the market for our customers as quickly as possible with value-adding processes and future-oriented solutions. Together with our sister and partner companies, we have the expertise and solutions for almost all IT tasks for our main areas of focus: logistics, hotel industry, medicine and consumer markets. The classic system house idea is lived and made available to our customers in a modern way. For this purpose, cloud solutions have been introduced in an optimized form in addition to managed service services.


Climate neutral for our customers

You can only remain competitive with the right new ideas and their technological implementation. For over a decade we have been working closely with the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics and other renowned partner companies. We integrate the experience gained from research and development projects into our solutions where it makes sense. In addition, cooperation and manufacturer proximity in the system house business lead to constant topicality and many innovations. Environmental issues are also very important to us, which is why, in addition to regular energy optimizations in data center operation, our domain and web hosting services, for example, are operated in a CO2 emission-neutral manner through compensation.

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